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A rheumatic disorder is an autoimmune syndrome. I may said as autoimmune reaction where anti bodies develop against components of joint tissues and aggressively attack the joints. It destroys the cartilage, synovial fluid, bone and tissues:, Rheumatold arthrltis a chronic Inflammatory condiltion which affects. entlre, body. In this condltlon. usually Involves several Joints In the onset typically in symmetrical fashion I.e. both hands, both wrist, both hips. Resultantly causes inflammation,stiffness and immobility. This entire terminology is defined under the chapter of Ama Vat in text of Ayurveda.Therapeutic measures for treatment in this condition include drugs (aspirin, gold. analgesic, anti-malarias, anti-inflammatory agents and corticosteroids), physical therapy,splintage and various orthopedic procedures. Each of these has a specific role in limiting the disease process. Response to drug varies considerably in different situation in patients. Search for a safe and effective is in progress because almost all the modern drug available today have some side effects and complications following prolonged use. Arthakure Capsule is well balanced formulation as per the text of Ayurveda, basically strikes at the root cause of Rheumatic Disorders and restores the freedom of movements. It restores relief in pain, maintains the mobility without causing any untoward action.

Each 600 mg Capsule contains Extracts of following ingredients:
Asphaltum puniabiunm 120mg
Root of Piperlongum 72mg
Cinnamomum tamala nees 30mg
Boswellia carteru 120mg
Aloe Barbadnsis 60mg
Rubia Cordifolia 72mg
Argilla vitriolutum 18mg
Myristica Fragrans 18mg
Butea frondosa koen 90mg

Therapeutic Efficacy: Help in restoring the freedom of movements in Rheumatic disorders. Dosage: 2 Capsules Twice Daily. Safety: There is no untoward effect in therapeutic dosage or as advised by Physician.
Advise: Suggestion given by physician regarding the exercise, must be followed religiously and regularly for better results. Visiting physician at regular interval is needed for better health care.
Presentation: In sealed pack of 60 Capsule sealed pack

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