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We, the directors of M/s Herbal Body Cure Pvt Ltd, thank Sardar Kulwant Singh Chatwal for giving us the “Sole Selling Agency” for marketing of all their products present and future manufactured by M/s Chatwal Pharmaceuticals Hyderabad. These pure Herbal Formulations are totally safe without any side effects. All our products are quite unique in nature. You are aware of the fact that patients suffering from Ano-Rectal Diseases i.e. Haemorrhoids Piles, Anal-fissures, Prolapse of Rectum and Fistula have to undergo Surgery which is a painful process, requires Hospitalisation and high on expenditure, moreover the patient cannot attend to work for several days. Our Herbal formulations comprising of Pykure Capsules Pykure Ointment and Kabzkure Powder (for Constipation) have proved to be giving 80% results as per Pilot study carried out by the Head of Department of Shalya IMS Banaras Hindu University Varanasi, Pin: 221005. We have successfully treated lacs of patients during the last eleven years for all types of Ano-Rectal Disorders. This includes patients who have undergone multiple operations.

Our Dykure Capsules have proved to be a great success for lowering the Blood Glucose levels in Type II Diabetes. This product has been tried and tested on thousands of patients with remarkable results. In this regard successful studies have been carried out by J.B Roy State Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital Deptt. Of Health, Government of West Bengal , Prof. R. Balaraman, Pharmacy Department Faculty of Tech & Engg., The M.S University of Baroda Kalabhavan Vadodara-390002 & Dr. Amal Kumar Bhattacharya (M.D) Professor in Medicine M.P Shah Medical College & G.G. Hospital, Jamnagar-361001.

Our Arthakure Capsules and Muscle Rub Ointment have proved to be very effective in the management of Arthritis and Certain Musculoskeletal Disorders. They significantly reduce pain, swelling, tenderness, morning stiffness and improves range of motion, grip power and walking time in the patients of various musculoskeletal conditions (like arthritis, frozen shoulder, synovitis and sprain) presenting with above features.

All our products have proved to be very successful in the markets of West Bengal Orissa & Andhra Pradesh. It is our endeavour to reach out to the suffering masses in India and abroad. For the convenience of Patients who would like to have door delivery by courier service, we have given an option of purchasing on-line.

A Word About Chatwal Pharmaceuticals

CHATWAL PHARMACEUTICALS are the manufacturers of Ayurvedic herbal proprietary medicines manufactured at Hyderabad. This firm are the holders of GMP Certificate issued by Department of AYUSH, Govt. of INDIA. It has been the mission of Chatwal family from generation to generation to serve humanity with human touch and care and see especially the poor to live a healthy and cheerful life.

Sardar Kulwant Singh Chatwal now 84 years after retirement from Indian Army as an Instructor in Army Education Corps settled at Hyderabad in business in 1967. He proved to be a successful businessman having various agencies of ceramics and other house hold goods of some Government and Private Factories for Andhra Pradesh.

He joined Lionism in 1979 and become Chartered President of Lions Club of Hyderabad Himayatnagar in the year 1980-81. His post retirement activities have been mostly Philanthropic in nature. He started serving the humanity free of cost with his purely Herbal Medicines inherited from his forefathers.

Over the year’s patients suffering from piles & other related problems like Fissures, Fistula, Prolapse of rectum (pile mass) etc, got great relief without any Surgery. By this success, his well-wishers & associates, particularly LT Col Harbans Singh (Retd) promted him to market his unique range of medicines all over the Country & Abroad, so that a large number of suffering humanity of all ages get benefit out of these proprietary Medicines.

This could not have been done by himself,so he involved his son Mr. Ravinderpal Singh Chatwal aged 54 years and LT Col Harbans Singh (Retd) for Manufacturing and Marketing. This gave birth to Herbal Body Cure Pvt Ltd to take up the task of all marketing activities.

It is worth mentioning that Sardar Kulwant Singh Chatwal at the ripe age of 84 is still engaged in personally attending to patients at his “Chatwal Pharamaceuticals Clinic”located at 3-6-291/5 Hyderguda Hyderabad. The poor patients are given free of cost medicines and no consultation fee is charged. People come from far off places to his Clinic as they have faith in him and his Herbal Medicines.
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