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As we all know and are taught since childhood, proper cleaning of the teeth, tongue and mouth every morning and after having Heals is necessary. tn fact this is the most effective preventive cure. Ayurveda and Naturopathy emphasize on preventive measures for maintenance of good health. Teeth in general are among strong components of our body. They would accompany us till the last rites, if a little care were taken to keep them clean. It is a pity that many of us have chosen to neglect the mouth system that guards our health right at the entrance of our vital food-water intakes.. Instead of going by the natural means of cleansing it and taking care of our eating habits, we are charmed by the advertisements of unhealthy foodstuffs, harmful drinks, artificial toothpastes, mouth cleansing solutions, mouth fresheners and what not.
Pyorrhea is among the most acute and dangerous ailments of teeth. It begins with accumulation of the layers or particles of substances chewed or gulped via mouth, some of which are deposited on the gums; some get stuck in between the teeth (especially the jaws) or at the root of the teeth near the gums. The chemicals released in the saliva during night also add to these. If not cleaned properly these would rotten inside and become host to a variety of bacteria and germs. Swelling, reddishness or pain of the gums is an alarming warning of this hazard. The layer of dirt spreads on the teeth, they appear yellowish. Mouth begins to stink. These are early symptoms of pyrrheatic ailment. Successively things go worse; the gums begin to bleed with a little pressure or jerk of the toothbrush. Unless one takes proper medicated care and treatments, at early stage there won't be any hope; the gums would go septic with the pus inside them rotting the teeth roots too. The pus further grows and spreads with the bleeding gums risking its entry into the stomach. Thus invite other disease. After a certain stage there is no complete cure of pyorrhea except taking huge amounts of antibiotics and suffering the negative side effects along with uprooting of the denture. The Ayurvedic herbal therapies recommended in the scriptures and practiced, though at a limited scale, even today, provide effective cure of pyorrhea and several other dental and oral diseases. It is found to be quite suitable for a variety of contagious diseases and the diseases caused by bacterial, viral attack / infection including those of oral and dental system. The chief cause of tooth-ache is decay of teeth, resulting from bad eating habits like over-indulgence in sweets, ice creams, soft drinks, sour things and sugar items. Bacteria present in the mouth cavity break sugar down into acids, which interact with the calcium in the enamel to cause decay or erosion. Dant Kure Herbal Tooth. Powder is comprehensive formulations consist of well known and described in text Books -- 13 Ingredients: that saves the gums from swelling, Keeps teeth firm and protects it from several other tooth problems. It doesn't contain tobacco or any other carcinogenic habit forming substance as ingredients to spoil the teeth and gums.

Each 100 gms contains following ingredients:
Syzgium Arabica 8gms
Acacia Arabica 10gms
Aluminous sulphate 3gms
Unaqua sodilum chloride 8gms
Piper longum 8gms
Sodium Bi Carbonate 2gms
Bomeo 3gms
Querus infectoria 20gms
Piper nigrum 6gms
Ammonium Chloride 2hms
Amonium Subulatum 8gms
Heachium spictum 10gms
Carbonate of Calcium 12gms

Therapeutic Efficacy:In Pyorrhea, Bleeding Gums, helps in removing plaque and keep the teeth intact and shine.
Safety: It is safe and free from tobacco or any other carcinogenic habit forming substances.
Presentation: Sealed Plastic Container: 50 Gms.

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