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Pain is not a disease in itself but the result of an underlying condition or due to injury. Pain is not just a physical sensation or psychological event, but a combination of these and other components. Pain can be caused by a variety of situations such as accidents, musculoskeletal disorders, improper lifting, bending, sports activities, misalignment of the vertebrae of the spine and I disease. It can also appear out of nowhere with no obvious cause. A viral illness may possibly be a cause, or emotional trauma, such as fear or resentment. n the vast majority of cases, pain is caused by stasis of blood and or our body’s energy resulting in muscle spasm, trauma and immobility. Acute pain can resultfrom disease, inflammation, or injury to tissues. This type of pain generally comes on suddenly, for example, after trauma or surgery, and may be actDompanied by anxiety or emotional distress. The cause of acute pain can usually be diagnosed and treated, and the pain is selfl imiting, that is, it is confined to aien period of time and severity. In some rare instances, it can berne chronic.
Muscle Rub is well balanced formulation that penetrates the body tissue faster than any other ointments because of its strong anti- inflammatory action. It removes stiffness and improves mobility of limbs. It brings relief from back aches, muscular pains rheumatic pains, joints pains. In Ayurvedic system of medicine Arthritis is commonly known as Amavata which means joints and Vat is usually prominence cause in this disease. This is mainly due to production and circulation of a substance called Ama in the body. Improper digestion as well as metabolism produces this Ama and it gets logged in the joints to produce inflammation and pain.
Message therapy can soothe pain, relax stiffness of the muscles and thus reduces swelling and restores mobility of joints. Messaging with the Muscle Rub will opens the pores and penetrates faster and thus reduces pain. It produces with long term benefit in chronic cases e.g. sprain, strain, shoulder pain, hip, knee and muscular pain. It ensures faster relief in arthralgia related to vical and lumbar spondylosis, sciatica and lumbago.

Each 100 gm MUSCLE RUB contains following Ingredients:
Terpential oil 17gms
Till Oil 10gms
Cow ghee 20gms
Sarsu Oil 8gms
Kapoor Crystal 7gms
Menthol Crystal 5gms
Neelgiri Tail 3gms
Jatipahal Oil 2gms
Gandhpura Tail 5gms
Rose Merry Oil 3gms
Mome Wax 20gms

Therapeutic Efficacy: Muscle Rub is a safe and effective rubificient which helps in reducing sprain, strain, Joints pain,Ache, Frozen shoulder in Athletes, reduces swelling associate with pain due to injury.
Dosage: 2-3gms of cream should be applied on affected lesion. Gentle message with hot fomentation will bring speeder relief. There is no blister on the skin.
Safety: There is no untoward effect in therapeutic dosage or as advised by Physician.
Presentation:30 Gms sealed pack.

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